Information to help you enjoy your stay at Villa Gils

A 50% non-refundable deposit must be made to confirm your reservation and full payment must be made before arrival. Payments can be made by direct deposit in USD or via Paypal. Paypal offers the convenience of paying by credit card over the Internet. Please note that Paypal transactions do incur a surcharge of 5% to cover the fees. You will however find this commensurate with the charges levied by Financial Institutions for telegraphic transfer services.


Payment for extras such as meals, transport, massages etc. must be made to Wayan in IDR just prior to your departure. Foreign Currencies can be easily converted at a reputable currency counter in nearby Candi Dasa. 


The national currency is IDR - Indonesian Rupiah. There are some money changers and ATM’s in Candi Dasa. However be mindful that your foreign ATM card needs to be linked with Star, Plus etc to work in Indonesia. If in doubt, bring extra cash and convert it at as you need it at the money changer. 


Most Balinese speak some English, however, take time to make sure you are truly understood and be gracious if the Balinese get it wrong. If in doubt, please ask again. You may find it rewarding to learn to speak some Bahasa Indonesia (the national language of Indonesia).


Respect the Local Customs:
The Balinese are deeply religious people. Ceremonies are an integral part of their life. If there are less staff members working due to a local ceremony, please understand. Always wear a sarong and sash if entering local temples. There are temples on the grounds, so that traditional Hindu beliefs can be adhered to by the staff.


The terrazzo floors at the villa are very slippery. With wet feet they can be more slippery than an ice skating rink! Please take extreme care and make sure your feet are dry. Please help children dry off properly after getting out of the pool to avoid them slipping.


The villa has 24 hour security. The Balinese are naturally inquisitive people. The security is primarily to protect your privacy. There are safety deposit boxes in all the rooms for you to store your valuables, please make use of them.


Airport Transfer:
Private taxi transfer can be arranged. Please advise Wayan of your travel dates ahead of time.


To rent a car and drive in Bali you need a driver’s licence and an international driving permit which must be obtained prior to your arrival in Bali. There are a number of car and bike rental providers in Candi Dasa.  


Guest Book:
Please feel free to sign this book when you leave. This way Wayan can know if there have been any problems and you can alert future visitors to what you really enjoyed about your stay.


Beach and Snorkelling:
The beach disappears at high tide. At low tide, it is very safe for swimming. However, if there are high seas (often around a full moon in July or August) please take extra caution.  Some snorkeling equipment is available at the Villa.


There is a satellite TV, DVD player and mini stereo with a selection of DVD’s for you to enjoy at Villa Gils.


Wireless Internet is complimentary at Villa Gils. The internet speed is generally quite reasonable, but as this is a quieter part of Bali the speed can be slower at times.


Quality wine is difficult to source in Bali. If you are a big wine drinker, it is probably best to purchase on the way from the airport. When out dining in a restaurant, expect to pay about US $55 per bottle. Spirits and beer, on the other hand, are easy to purchase in any supermarket and are cheap in comparison with Western prices.


East Bali does have power black outs. They do not occur very often but they do happen. The villa has bore water, so if the power goes out, the pump goes off. If you are showering or washing your hair when the power goes out, you might need to rinse off in the pool.]


Villa Gils has bore water but we do not recommend drinking it. Although it is much cleaner than down in the built up areas of Kuta and Seminyak it is not worth spoiling your holiday with illness. There is always bottled water in the bar fridge in the kitchen and in your rooms.


Please let us know if you have any special dietary requirements. Wayan and the staff are happy to adapt dishes to your tastes. For children, we can provide kids meals such as pizza.